Opportunity for doctors and dentist - involvement in ministry in Belarus

From Seed to Trees 

Opportunity of ministry in Belarus

From Seed to Trees is a young mission which is ministering in Eastern Europe. It grew out of a prayer meeting and God clearly indicated that it should become a ministering body. Initially He said "go slow", but the doors are opening. We work in partnership with each of the countries we serve in. Currently FSTT is in three eastern European countries, Romania, Moldova and more recently Belarus, It is also involved in Vietnam in partnership with two other mission groups.It is interesting other opportunities opening. God is on the move and FSTT needs people to help in these areas.

There is an opportunity of ministry in Belarus with the CCX Christian group. It is an affiliate of IFES. Each year it holds two conferences during January / February. The first conference is for Christians and their friends who are unbelievers. The second is directed to International students who mainly come from an Islamic background. Like most countries in Eastern Europe the Christian Bodies are headed in the main by enthusiastic young ladies. There is a wonderful opportunity for Christian lady doctors/dentists to minister. It is possible for the opportunity of being one of the Key Note Speakers.

If you are interested contact Melvyn Dunkin

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