International Christian Medical and Dental Association

ICMDA connects Christians in medicine and dentistry, both graduates and students, all around the world, equipping them to live out their faith at work. It's a global movement uniting national Christian medical and dental organisations in over 70 countries, and is developing and supporting new movements in other places.

CMDFA is one of the two full member nations in the Oceania region of ICMDA, the other being New Zealand. it is hoped that some of the other island nations will be joining soon.

Bill Hague is the current Regional Secretary for ICMDA Oceania, Michael Burke is an Australian Representatives on the Regional Committee, Alan Gijsbers is also an Australian Representative on the Regional Committee as well as an ICMDA Board member. Ben Reardon is the Regional Student Representative for the Oceania region.

CMDFA was honoured and proud to host the ICMDA X111th World Congress in Sydney in 2006, when more than 800 delegates attended both the Student Conferences at Merroo and the Graduate Conference at darling Harbour for a time of great blessing to many.

The XVth Congress marked the 50th anniversary of the first ever International Congress of Christian Physicians in 1963, held in Rotterdam (like the first), with the title "Serve Share Shine"

The first ICMDA Oceania Regional Conference will be held jointly with the CMF NZ August 4-8, 2016 in Auckland.  Keynote speakers include Dr Gábor Győri, Executive Director of Ministries at IHS Global, who administer the Saline Process, and Dr N, an Australian-trained "global nomad who is a citizen of heaven" and who can't be named for security reasons, together with Val Goold, Pouwhakahaere (Campus Director) of Laidlaw College, Manukau, Auckland, as the Bible teacher.  More details from the website:

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