Who we are

The CMDFA provides a visible focal point for Christian healthcare professionals from around Australia.

More and more Australian Christian doctors and dentists, graduates and students, are choosing to be connected as members of the CMDFA as part of their making a stand as a follower of Christ in healthcare. The CMDFA motto epitomises their heartbeat: "Following Christ, integrating faith and practice". All CMDFA events, and resources are directed at equipping our members  to live this motto out day by day in their consulting rooms, hospitals and medical schools, transforming their practice of healthcare - transformed doctors, transforming the world, through Christ. Will you join us as part of your commitment to have an impact for Christ in healthcare in Australia and in the world?

Our Aims:

  1. To provide a Fellowship in which members may share and discuss their experiences as Christians in the profession of medicine and dentistry. 
  2. To encourage Christian doctors and dentists to serve and honour God in their professional practice. 
  3. To present the claims of Christ to colleagues and others and to win their allegiance to Him. 
  4. To provide forums that consider how the Christian faith applies to the problems of national and local life as they relate to medicine and dentistry. 
  5. To foster interest in and support of cross-cultural medical and dental mission. 
  6. To encourage members to play an active part in their local churches. 
  7. To strengthen and encourage Christian medical and dental students in their faith 
  8. To provide pastoral support to colleagues.

Statement of Faith and Membership Declaration                        

 a)    I agree with the CMDFA Statement of Faith which says: We believe in the Revelation of the One true God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and the Gospel of redemption and regeneration through the incarnation, the death, and the bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit until, Christ returns finally to fulfil all things in Himself as it is given to us in the Bible, which is the divinely appointed authority for faith and life.

b)    I also agree with the CMDFA Membership Declaration which says: I declare my faith in God the Father, and in the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Saviour. I desire to be ruled by God the Holy Spirit speaking through the Bible, the divinely appointed authority in matters of faith and life.  

Email news and updates: Available to all who register online.

Become a member:  As well as email updates, members will receive Lukes Journal by post and can participate more fully in the life of the Fellowship.  


Produces Luke’s journal

Contributes to the worldwide ministry of the International Christian Medical Dental Association ICMDA

Promotes and connects our members to medical mission opportunities   

Profiles, CMDFA National Board members 2017

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