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Intern Boot Camp  

Annual Event - January

This specific ministry targets medical students who have just graduated from university, about to embark on the beginning of their working life as a medical doctor. 

During this one day workshop, local residents and registrars share their experiences working in the public hospital system and the interns have the opportunity to share fears and expectations.  

Practical tips and ways to maintain spiritual growth and vitality are explored and CMDFA resources are shared.  

What Participants have liked

  • Lots of different topics, lots of different speakers so it keeps things interesting
  • The balance of both medical and spiritual advice
  • The honesty by the trainers in sharing their testimonies
  • The free food
  • Lots of stories told about intern year
  • Getting to know other Christian interns  

What Participants learn

  • I'm not alone, my hesitations are shared by everyone, including current interns, and were shared by now reg's who were once interns
  • There was a great reminder of us needing to continue to trust and rely on God in our intern year. The importance of having a deep personal relationship with God
  • Practical intern tips were useful  

Intern Boot Camp 2018 - Talks (Slides)

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