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Intern Boot Camp  

Annual Event - January

This specific ministry targets medical students who have just graduated from university, about to embark on the beginning of their working life as a medical doctor. 

During this one day workshop, local residents and registrars share their experiences working in the public hospital system and the interns have the opportunity to share fears and expectations.  

Practical tips and ways to maintain spiritual growth and vitality are explored and CMDFA resources are shared.  

What Participants have liked

  • Lots of different topics, lots of different speakers so it keeps things interesting
  • The balance of both medical and spiritual advice
  • The honesty by the trainers in sharing their testimonies
  • The free food
  • Lots of stories told about intern year
  • Getting to know other Christian interns  

What Participants learn

  • I'm not alone, my hesitations are shared by everyone, including current interns, and were shared by now reg's who were once interns
  • There was a great reminder of us needing to continue to trust and rely on God in our intern year. The importance of having a deep personal relationship with God
  • Practical intern tips were useful  

Intern Boot Camp 2018 - Talks (Slides)

State Reports

NSW Boot Camp 20th January, 2018

Our NSW Intern Bootcamp was a truly encouraging day for both interns and helpers. We had great talks on our identity in Christ, useful tips on how to work efficiently, how to approach personal and work crises, and important reminders to continue to grow in our faith and love as we continue to live for His glory. We also had helpful discussion/prayer groups and a Q&A panel. 

In total we had 10 interns from Hornsby, Westmead, Bankstown, POW, Liverpool, Gosford, Westmead, Blacktown hospitals attend the bootcamp. 

We had 15 helpers for the talks, Q&A panel, discussion groups, lunch and music. 

In terms of feedback, there was one suggestion that we open the event to all JMOs as the day is quite relevant to residents too.

SA Boot Camp held 6th January

On January 6th four fresh interns turned up for the reboot of the annual CMDFA SA “Intern Boot Camp”, a day of fellowship and training for the year ahead. Led by Catherine White (RMO, PGY2), Rohit Joshi (Consultant Oncologist) and Philippa Harris (GP) there was a good spread of proximity and experience with which to encourage and advise the new doctors. Topics included cover shift survival tips, managing money and time-sheets, mental and physical wellbeing, but most importantly holding fast to our identity in Christ in a busy and worldly workplace. Contrary to the spartan name of the day, the group was lavishly provisioned in the Joshi family home, and time was comfortably taken to eat (an important skill in intern year), ask questions and share stories. Feedback from the participants was positive, with the most helpful aspects of the IBC reportedly being hearing personal stories of being brought through trials, encouragement in self-reflection, and the opportunity to connect with other Christian interns. With the date already set for Intern Boot Camp 2019 (January 5th), we hope to see more returning with their own wisdom to pass on to many more emerging medics, and to be joyfully encouraged in return. Soli Deo gloria. 

Victorian Boot Camp held 4th January 2014

Upcoming Boot Camps - January 2019

SA January 5th