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Recent Graduate Retreats

Annual Event

Our recent graduates face different opportunities and threats and possess different strengths & weaknesses to students or fully fledged graduates. This is the reason we first started to host recent graduate retreats in addition to the annual IMPACT conference which is more geared towards students.  We came to realise that the recent grads needed a forum where they could express their frustrations and concerns, whilst sharing the experience and in some cases the burden of being a junior doctor without discouraging and putting fear into the hearts of our students.

The feedback from recent grad retreats which have been held on an annual basis since 2010 is that this format allows for un-censored sharing of pains and struggles encountered by junior doctors. It is also a venue where recent graduates can encourage each other to keep growing in their faith and discuss practical ways to imitate Christ in the workplace.  

Our hope is that one day we will have more frequent recent graduate retreats all around the country to allow for more opportunities for fellowship and encouragement.

Past Retreats

2010 “Rest” in the Hunter Valley, NSW

2011 “Maintaining Spiritual Vitality” in the Yarra Valley, VIC

2012 “Joy In Work” on Hamilton Island, QLD

2013 “Mission in Tough Places” in the Central Coast of NSW

2014 "Fighting Cynicism" Mornington Peninsula, VIC

2015 Links Lady Bay Resort, Normanville SA

2016 "Creative Practical Discipleship - Eternal CPD"  Gold Coast NSW

2017 "Being United in Christ and the Implications of that in our Personal and Professional Lives" Hunter Valley NSW

Gallery - 2012 Retreat Hamilton Island


2015 Retreat Normanville SA