Our recent graduates refer to health professionals who have been working for less than 5 years.

Whether you are a dentist or an intern, resident or registrar, all are welcome! 

Please take note there is no strict cut-off as we have had doctors in their post-graduate 13th year come along to our Recent Graduate Retreats :)

We have some exciting ministries and events occurring throughout the year that may interest you:

January: Intern Boot Camps
In January each year we hold local intern boot camps for our incoming medical interns in 6 cities; Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide and Perth. Both practical and spiritual tips are shared with our interns to help them survive the transition between student and doctor. Our hope is that the boot camp workshop will encourage and inspire them to serve their local mission fields at work whilst maintaining their own faith

April: IMPACT conference
IMPACT is our annual conference for students, recent graduates and graduates. 

October / November: Recent Graduate Retreat
The recent graduate retreat is exactly that; a retreat for our young workers to recharge, renew and be refreshed. throughout the year:

Hospital Fellowship groups and regional meetings 

In His Service, Dr.Joel Wight (National Recent Graduates Staffworker)

  • SA Saline Process - 5 May 2018


    Do you ever feel conflicted about Jesus' call to be His witness (Acts 1:8) and professional pressures that make it difficult for you to be real about your faith?

    Then, this course is for you!

    PDF Flyer attached

  • QLD Missions Day


    Missions Event - Saturday afternoon - May 26th

    All healthcare workers invited, please invite colleagues

    Silky Oaks Function Room, Manly West. 

    Christian doctors and christian nurses speaking

    How to be a christian doctor and nurse and health professional both overseas and here in Australia?

    Cost $10

    Please pay at the door or online via CMDFA website

    Further Information: qld@cmdfa.org.au

    * Required

    Credit Card
    Hosted Credit Card (remove if not required)
    Gift Voucher


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