2017 National Student Leadership Team


National Student Leadership Team

To contact any of the below leaders, please email  students@cmdfa.org.au


Lily Sedra - National Student Representative

 My name is Lily and I am a final year dental student studying at Adelaide Uni. Other than staring at teeth, some of my interests include playing competitive sports, exploring new places and just spending time with the people I love. Being part of CMDFA has allowed me to get to know so many likeminded, Christian doctors and dentists both nationally and internationally. I cannot wait to see what God can, and will, do with the future generations of healthcare workers.

Alexandra Fogg - Australian Capital Territory

 Hi! My name is Alex and I'm in my second year of medicine at the ANU in Canberra. When I'm not watching Handwritten Tutorials on Youtube or sipping on chai in a cafe, I serve on the creative arts and young adults teams at my church. I'm looking forward to the year ahead, growing in faith and fellowship with the Canberra Christians in Medicine group.

 Kimberly Goh Siting - Western Australia

Hi all. I’m Kimberly Goh, currently in the third year of MD course at University of Western Australia. It is a blessing to be able to being part of SMA (CMDFA Group) on campus; To be with my fellow peers in Christ, serving others and be part of God’s plan for the world. I am excited to be part of what God has planned for us in the coming year and I hope that we can continue to spread God’s love to others and bring Him glory and praise not just within the healthcare community but throughout campus.

Samantha Ong - South Australia

Hi there. I’m Sam currently a final year medical student at the Adelaide Uni. Outside of medland, I love hiking, singing, and anything to do with coconuts! Being part of a Christian group on campus was foundational in setting my direction Christ-centred. This year I’m keen to take on this role to gain glimpses of what he’s doing in students in SA and nation, and hope our efforts together will deepen our conviction of his love and faithfulness towards us, strengthen our love for Him and each other in response.

Bronte Dorrington - New South Wales

 Hi church! I'm in my last preclinical year (3/5) in the JMP at the University of New England, Armidale. I enjoy reading, cooking and long walks on the beach. Most of all, I enjoy running the race that Christ has set before us, and helping one another 'home'. As such, I'm thrilled to be involved in making contact with other students across the state; in encouraging fellowship, training and learning, and building a winsome community that attracts our non-Christian colleagues to the love of Christ.

Chris Vartuli - New South Wales

 Hi I’m Chris, a third year medical student from the university of Notre Dame Sydney. My interests always seem to be changing - right now I think its reading, bush walks, photography and teaching myself how to do a handstand. But one conviction that doesn’t change is my love of Jesus. By his grace, I have been given a hope that nothing else in this world can give - a hope in forgiveness and right standing before God. All I want to do is share this great news with as many people as I can, particularly those on campus at university. Can't wait to serve God and see what He does in saving and transforming people this year!

Bartholomew Purcell - Queensland

Howdy, I’m Bartholomew. I am a 3rd year MD student at the University of Queensland (UQ) based in Brisbane. The fellowship with UQ Christians in Medicine and the wider CMDFA community have been a tremendous encouragement to continue growing in my faith and devotion to God in all facets of life. I am excited to see what the Lord will bring in the coming years!


Esther Long – Tasmania

Hi I’m Esther, and I’m a fifth (and final year!) medical student studying at the University of Tasmania. I’m really interested in mission work, both here in Australia and overseas. I love people, good food and getting outside into nature! Seeing all these Christians in both the medical and dental fields excites me!  I’m looking forward to meeting some more like minded people who are passionate for God and health!

 Andrew Wilson – Victoria

I’m Andrew, a third year medical student at Melbourne University. This year, I am on a rotating term around various hospitals and other medical facilities, which are mostly within the inner north of Melbourne. I am seeking to be a good ambassador for Christ within these places. In this respect, CMDFA has challenged me to better share the gospel and become more open about my identity in Jesus. This year, I want to encourage more of my fellow students to share their faith personally and also to take action on important social issues facing Christians today, such as abortion.