• VIC Event - Annual Praise and Worship Night


    Victoria Branch - Annual Praise and Worship Night
    Balwyn Methodist Church, 184 Balwyn Road, Balwyn

    CMDFA presents its annual Prayer and worship night. An opportunity for all Christian health professionals in Victoria to gather to pray and worship our God. Great opportunity to meet other Christians within the health sector. 

    We anticipate an impacting night of great music, meaningful prayer and fellowship. 

    Supper provided.
  • Prime Tutor Training


    Sydney, 20-22 May 2016  (Robert Menzies College)  The annual tutor training run by Prime Australia is an opportunity for Christian*  health professionals to be oriented to Prime’s principles of whole person medicine, and to develop self-awareness and teaching skills.  

    Tutor training is a preparation/ update for teaching in Australia and necessary for those planning to go on teaching trips to developing countries with Prime. Prime Australia is involved in regular teaching activities in India and has made trips to Hainan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. There are also opportunities being explored to develop relationships with Pakistan and South Sudan. 

    This year we are hosting 6 participants from Hainan and seeking 1 from Indonesia

    Programme for the weekend:

    Friday lunch dining room 12:30 —1:30pm 

    Friday 2-5:30pm Session 1 Intro to Prime Evening meal in dining room 5:30-6:30pm 

    Friday 6:30– 9pm Session 2 Intro to Prime 

    Saturday 9 am- 12.30 pm Session 3 Education skills Lunch in dining room 12:30 

    Saturday 1:30—5:00pm Session 4, Education skills Dinner in outside restaurant 

    Sunday 08:30—09:45 am Session 5a Education skills 

    Sunday 10—11:30 am Trinity Chapel service 

    Sunday 1130—1230 Session  5b Education Skills Lunch 1230 

    Sunday 1:30—5:00pm Session 6  Education skills

    The training incorporates a high degree of interactivity. Participants are requested attend for the whole weekend and contribute to group work and plenary activities. This will be all very light hearted but it can be expected to have a deep impact on you.

    Prime Australia is affiliated with Prime International, based in the UK.  Teaching trips in Europe, Africa and Asia are arranged by our UK counterparts.  Trainees will go onto the Prime Int. mailing of www.prime-international.org.uk  as well as the Prime Aust. list.

    Registrationcloses May 14 - write to Owen Lewis prime@healthserve.org.au

    Registration fee  $350 includes all meals except Saturday dinner which is held in a local restaurant. 

    Please arrange own accommodation nearby 

    -  Travelodge North Ryde ; 81 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, macquarie@travelodge.com.au; Phone: (02) 8874 5200. Advertised $125 but some rooms are $101.50. 11 mins walk.

    -  Meriton Serviced Apartments, 88 Talavera Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113; stay@meriton.net.au; Phone:(02) 8488 9000 Advertised $125. 7 mins walk

    -  The Ranch MacQuarie, Epping Rd & Herring Rd, North Ryde NSW 2122, the.ranch@alhgroup.com.au, Phone:(02) 9887 2411; Advertised $159.  10 mins walk

    -  Robert Menzies College is a 2 minute walk from Macquarie University Railway Station, on the Northshore, Northern and Western Lines which is about an hour from Sydney Airport T2 station via Central Station.

  • VIC - Work and Witness Seminar


    Saturday 21st May - Work and Witness Seminar - Leadership in workplace 

    Guest lecturer Dr Kara Martin

    Venue: GO Evangelical Church 642/644 Elgar Road, Box Hill North VIC 3129
    Cost: Free for CMDFA Victoria Members - $20 for non-members

    CMDFA presents our first Work and Witness Seminar of the year. A one day intensive course on leadership relating to the Christian faith and the medical workplace. We are proud to present guest lecturer Dr. Kara Martin from Ridley College who has designed this course in conjunction with CMDFA Victoria. Open to all Christian Health Professionals looking to expand or develop their knowledge and skills within this area. Lunch is provided.
  • WA - Saline Process -Training Day


    If you are interested in learning how to encourage patients to talk about their faith, or equip yourself with the skills to be a compassionate Christian witness in your workplace, join us for Saline International 2016.

    This 1-day course is a great opportunity to learn together, think together, and share your experiences, whether you’re new or an experienced healthcare professional.


    Theme - Refresh and Connect

    Sonlife Church - 8 Cleaver St, West Perth

    Cost $30 standard, $15 student. Lunch & morning tea provided

    * Required

    Credit Card
    Hosted Credit Card (remove if not required)
    Gift Voucher


    30 default
    30 Graduate
    15 Student

    Saline Training Day - 28th May 2016 - 9am - 2pm - Theme: Refresh and Reconnect
  • Combined National and Regional Conference - New Zealand


    Combined National & Regional Conference 4-7 August - Auckland NZ

    On the Way - Presented by CMF NZ and ICMDA Oceania

    4th to 7th August 2016 Willow Park, Auckland

    A conference for medical and dental students and graduates from New Zealand, the Pacific and Australia who are keen to explore what it means to be Christians who practise healthcare.

    The theme "On the Way" alludes to the life-long journey of knowing Christ and serving together.

    More information and registration at www.cmf.nz

I was involved in EU (Evangelical Union) as a student so it just seemed a natural progression to Join CMDFA.  But why have I maintained my membership for over 40 years? It's not just from force of habit. The reason is encapsulated in the CMDFA motto "Following Christ, integrating faith and practice" This means we can't keep our faith in a box which is separate from our work. Our faith transforms the way we work.
That's easy to say, but not always easy to do. That's where the friendship and support of other CMDFA members, as well as CMDFA activities and resources,  has helped me over the years. I strongly recommend other Christian medical graduates to become part of this fellowship
Kim Oates

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