In CMDFA, we want to proclaim medical mission. 

Many of our founders were deeply involved in that vocation e.g. Dr. Paul White, and we want to continue and add to that tradition. 

With that in mind a mission committee was formed to ensure promotion of its importance.

We want to promote mission opportunities, to facilitate contact between our doctors and recruiting organizations and to do our best to prepare colleagues for the experience.

To this end we have developed a new Missions section on our website with the following the three main goals: 

  • Encourage CMDFA members to consider short and long term medical missionary work.  
  • To work with missionary organisations to identify Medical missionary opportunities suitable for members and communicate such opportunities to our members   
  • To communicate progress of missionary members to the total Fellowship thereby encouraging support and to take up such opportunities in the future.

As an example of the Missions work we are seeking to expand there is one special project we are considering and this  is to lead a group of interested doctors to Bangladesh for two weeks from June 19, 2017.

This project will follow the path of a module of public health and tropical medicine I used teach for James Cook University and will be hosted by the Australian aid organisation, Symbiosis, that has decades of experience in that country.

The course will visit the Children’s, the Cholera, the Infectious Diseases and the Chest Hospitals in Dhaka, then move to Mymensingh to visit large hospitals in the city and development projects in slums and rural areas. While there, the group will rotate through the Garo Baptist Hospital near the Indian border. This will be an intensive period of study but there will be lighter moments. We will all eat around a large table while staying in the comfortable Symbiosis guest house in Mymensingh. It will be a time of fellowship with each other and with local Christians and a time to be inspired by the work of Christ in the land of a foreign ideology.

I hope people will come. It is open to medical students and graduates.  We used take 25 post grad students from JCU and were booked out well in advance. This time will be different. The JCU lot (bless them) was a secular group. We are intending our trip to be a time of learning and fellowship.

If you are interested please contact

Prof. John Whitehall